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The RB Family Pugs Difference

About 5 years ago my sister brought home a beautiful pug, named Daphne, I just loved to call her mashed potato…Since then we have been totally in love with this breed.  But, we were disheartened by the way breeders seemed to treat their pets.  To us animals should be treated with the same love and respect we should all have for human beings.  We felt that if we bred we could make a difference, out puppies would would be noticeably better socialized, more behaved, and extremely loving. And guess what we were right!  Time and Time again people tell us how they notice such a difference with out puppies. The love they receive from the time they are carried in the womb until they go home to their forever home, makes for a loving, completely trusting, sweet dog.  We breed responsible and take pride in keeping a clean, loving environment for our babies.  We listen to their heartbeats from day one and we provide top notch nutrition to the mother and father and to the puppies. We talk to them, sing to them, and play with them from the day they were born.

We have many happy customers that send us pictures and holiday cards on a regular basis, we have past customers refer their friends and we have built quite a wonderful community of pug lovers!

At RB Family Pugs we are a family breeder, we are pet owners first and breeders second. Our pugs are our pets and they spend most of their time with us.  They eat, sleep, walk, run with us everyday.  They do not live in and cages and they are well socialized with other animals and plenty of people. This makes a big difference in the puppy you bring home.  Your puppy will be well socialized and full of love from day one. You notice a difference between one of our pups and a pup bought at a pet store or a breeder that treats their dogs like livestock.

Pugs are special dogs that are full of love and energy but they get tired and need their rest fast too.  We would love to answer any questions you have about the breed and about our babies. Feel free to call or email with your questions and regarding availability!

Please feel free to contact us here. Or call 856-887-1223.

Best Wishes,